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Say no to High Cost/High-Labour Cottages and Say Yes to a Seasonal Camp Site

Have you ever thought of having your own summer getaway, but dreaded the expense and work involved in a cottage?

If the answer is yes, then Seasonal Camping might be for you.

For many people, cottages are a lot of financial expense and headache. Waterfront property is not cheap, add the property taxes and the ongoing maintenance that is required, and many cottages can be a money and time drain. A weekend away can mean a “weekend of hard labour” for many. Should noisy cottage neighbours move in, or your financial situation changes, it will take you time to offload that financial burden.

You must be thinking, surely there is an alternative to taking on a second mortgage payment, more property taxes, ongoing maintenance expenses, and manual labour during summer weekends?

Thankfully there is a better way—Seasonal Camping! A Seasonal Camping site is a small plot of land you rent from a campground on an annual basis, normally for under $2000 a year. Most seasonal campers will purchase an RV or camper-trailer and keep it on the site all year round. RV and camper-trailer prices can range from $2500 to over $20,000, depending on size, age, and whether it’s new or used. If you’re on a budget, you can start buy buying a smaller, used camper trailer for around $3000. Since they often hold their value, you may be able to sell it down the road and get most of your money back when you upgrade to a larger one.

Most camper-trailers have full amenities such as electricity, water, kitchen, stove, sink, washroom, shower, dining area, and beds. Most of the larger deluxe models have almost every convenience imaginable and are not much different than living at home. Many seasonal campers find a campground they love and stay long term, building decks, awnings, walkways, and flower gardens around their camper-trailers. For many, their camper-trailer is their summer getaway.

There are a number of advantages to seasonal camping over owning a cottage:

  • Relative low cost of buying an RV or camper

  • Relative low annual rent for land

  • Avoid mortgage

  • Avoid property taxes

  • Avoid high maintenance costs: no roof to replace, no painting, no foundation problems, etc.

  • Power & electricity provided by campground owner, not billed directly to you by utility

  • Move your RV or camper whenever you want

  • RVs and campers are above the ground, so can be warmer

  • Upgrade in size anytime without renovations

Don’t know where to find new or quality used RVs and campers? Contact Us and we’ll offer some suggestions depending on where you live.

Bon Echo Family Campground is now offering a limited number of seasonal campsites; both waterfront and water-view. Act fast before they're gone.







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